Global PEP & Sanction screening

Screen against comprehensive datasets to mitigate risk

Due diligence made easy

A comprehensive global screening solution that reduces any risk and fraud through our real-time Politically Exposed Person (PEP), Sanction, Relatives and Close Associates (RCA), Special Interest Person (SIP), Special Interest Entities (SIE) and adverse media search.

Global screening

The Data Zoo global screening solution provides entities with the ability to customise your matching logic and screen individuals against over 100,000 reputable sources across 40+ languages in non-latin scripts.

Partnering with the world’s most reputable sources, Data Zoo delivers unparalleled coverage of Politically Exposed Person, their relatives, close associates and the companies they are linked to; national and international government sanction lists; and persons officially linked to, or convicted of, high profile crimes or terrorism.

Flexible search configuration

With mandatory and optional data inputs, you can experience the complete flexibility to determine your matching requirements. All you need is the individuals first name, surname and date of birth; address and nationality are optional inputs. In seconds, you can view your results through a comprehensive PDF that includes a photo of the individual.

Know Your Customer
Ongoing customer screening
Reduced false positives
Meet compliance obligations
Comprehensive datasets
Due diligence reporting

Service delivery

Web application

White label availability

Reduce any risk or fraud in real-time

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