The easiest way to onboard and verify users

Speed up your customer onboarding by verifying identity documents in real-time with only two lines of code and spend less time integrating multiple vendors.

Why Data Zoo

Powerful tools to maximise value and reduce risk

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Automate onboarding

Identity verification that extracts and verifies ID data and documents across multiple data sources.

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Minimise fraud

Flow scores every verification by combining multiple trust signals to help precisely identify and block fraud.

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Built for scale

With a single integration, Flow makes it easy to launch and expand a modern onboarding solution.


Seamless onboarding and verification

Replace and reduce the complexity of multiple solutions typically used for online fraud detection and identity proofing with Flow. Our capabilities are designed to work together, replacing multiple siloed solutions for a better customer experience.

UI depicting a successful verification - 'Your identity verification was successful' text with a button below to continue to payment.
Minimise fraud

Smarter fraud protection with advanced risk signals

Flow enables global digital businesses to accurately detect fraud and quickly adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Flow scores every verification as an 'Accept', "Reject' or 'Consider' by combining multiple signals and depending on your business’s appetite for risk.

UI card with 'Trust Score' heading which has multiple icons lie house, id card, camera, and flag, floating around it depciting factors that go into scoring.
Build and scale

Streamline and improve your operations

Build a better onboarding solution in just a couple of hours and spend less time integrating multiple vendors. Flow offers all the features you need to quickly launch a complete onboarding solution so that you spend less time integrating and more time on your product.

Simple integration

With only two lines of code, Flow offers all the features you need to get started quickly.

Modular configuration

Build a fully customised verification flow using our suite of optimised modular UIs.

Exception handling

Set up logic-driven rule steps to resolve failed verifications through resubmitting or requesting an alternative document.

Unified dashboard

Enhance your KYC compliance with a Sophisticated single-service view so that you can manage all aspects of verification and exceptions within one platform.

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