Identity Verification for Payment Providers (KYC)

Global, high-volume verification for payment providers

Simplify your user journey, eliminate friction, and convert more customers with Data Zoo’s configurable KYC and AML solutions that securely verify identities across the globe within 2 seconds.

Passport identity data being matched against a credit card.
Why Data Zoo

Secure and frictionless purchasing journeys

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Prevent fraud

Minimize fraud with AI facial matching and liveness detection, identifying bad actors and altered IDs with over 99.99% accuracy.

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Eliminate friction

Convert more customers by implementing a simple, friction-free onboarding process to eliminate customer drop-off.

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Streamline operations

Maximize efficiency with a configurable, automated solution that removes manual processes and integration complexities.

Minimize fraud losses.

Block fraudulent transactions and maximize conversions with frictionless, configurable verification flows that use robust fraud detection and risk mitigation systems to ensure compliant expansion across 170+ countries.

Convert legitimate customers

Prevent incorrect submissions, data inconsistencies, and attempts at using stolen or falsified documents with Data Zoo’s simplified prevalidation, source routing, and AI-powered workflows, verifying holograms, watermarks, and more using over 450,000 templates.

Eliminate compliance risk

Cover all regulatory jurisdictions across 170 countries with Data Zoo’s robust state, federal, and international compliance with laws and industry regulations.

Verify customers

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High volume, global coverage.

Speed up your customers' onboarding journey securely with frictionless verification for instant payments and payouts by validating identity data in real time using global authoritative sources.

With coverage for over 170 countries, support for 3000+ document types, and a seamless 2-second verification time, processing orders has never been faster with Data Zoo.

Explore coverage

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Customize your verification flow.

Configure your verification flow for a frictionless, high-converting, and risk-optimized purchasing journey for your customer, with seamless integration and deployment options that fit your business needs.

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Configurable risk rules

Optimize your verification flow for the highest match rate using custom risk rules, error handling, and data source sequencing to ensure cost-benefit and compliance standards are met.

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Comprehensive integration options

Seamlessly deploy using the integration that’s right for your unique needs. Our API, no-code platform, mobile app and SDK options allow you to build your ideal purchasing journey, no matter your infrastructure.

Recognised by leading firms

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Drive more revenue

See how a leading payments company implemented Data Zoo's fast and frictionless onboarding flows, reducing their verification failures, onboarding more customers, and maximizing revenue growth.

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More revenue from new customers


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ROI after switching to Data Zoo

Excellence in customer success

Unbelievable - setting the new benchmark in KYC / KYB technology and service levels! Data Zoo is future focused and has developed a platform that is not just industry leading but industry disruptive. Unparalleled in match rates and quality of service.

— Eric D.

Data Zoo Help Desk is 24/7 there for any problem solving. They understand our business nature and needs. We always have positive feedback from Data Zoo.

— David D.

Data Zoo have been incredibly responsive in supporting the integration and implementation of their services to our offering. Data Zoo offer marketing leading solutions that are feature rich for a variety of use cases.

— Richard W.

Superb, All-Around Offering. Great combination of attractive costs, straightforward API documentation and top-notch support.

— Ezra W.

Data Zoo - Unparalleled Service for KYC and KYB Solutions. It's the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, enabling us to perform KYC and KYB tasks with a level of ease that surpasses all prior experiences.

— John F.


Choose the integration that’s right for you

Our flexible software integration options help you build and scale end-to-end verification experiences for any use case.

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Core is our low-code standardised API for businesses that want to use their own UI.

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Safe is our decentralised mobile solution offering both an iOS/Android app or SDK.

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Flow is our modular no-code solution; a suite of UI building blocks in one platform.

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