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solution to verify
your customers

Data Zoo provides unparalleled access to multiple data sources; together with unique customisation and configuration options to enhance match rates.


Data quality controls

Verify more customers and reduce bad data errors through our innovative controls and pre-submission validation engine. Data Zoo can also cleanse and structure your customer data in real-time prior to submission. Our team works with you to understand your exact requirements and deliver a solution that is fit for you.


Systems & services

Experience no downtime and strong connectivity, with our infrastructure hosted in multiple regions around the world. Data Zoo services are connected directly to the source, and we utilise multiple data sources where possible. Our environments have full redundancy within their environments and fail-over capabilities.


Information handling

Adopt a user-centric and decentralised approach to secure digital identity verification. Data Zoo embeds excellent privacy, data protection, and security practices into our systems and processes, as we do not store any customer personally identifiable information.

Improve your ongoing due diligence through our innovative solutions.

Experience a multi-layered Identity Verification solution that is customisable for any industry sector and regulated organisation. You can verify all your customers’ details against multiple; independent and reliable databases.

Identity Verification

Instantly verify your global customers through unparalleled coverage and match rates to meet all compliance.

Digital onboarding

Improve your digital onboarding with frictionless customer identity documentation scanning and biometric validation.

Global screening

Screen your customers against up-to-date global watchlists for ongoing due diligence, risk mitigation and daily monitoring.  

Comprehensive global coverage

Instantly verify your customers with access to over 5 billion individuals worldwide - including our industry-leading Asia Pacific coverage (95%).

Verifiable individuals




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