Optimise your onboarding with a modern API solution

Build a better global identity proofing solution that boosts operational efficiency while reducing the cost and complexity of multiple vendor integrations.

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Why Data Zoo

Powerful tools to maximise value and reduce risk

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Instantly onboard users

Verify your customers around the world in seconds and accelerate their onboarding experience.

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Increase conversion

Create a seamless onboarding and verification experience that minimises friction and customer drop-off.

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Simplify development

Reduce operational complexity and development resources with a single and modern integration.

Modernise your KYC

Verify your customers in seconds, not hours

Legacy identity solutions struggle to meet increasing customer expectations for a fast onboarding process. Data Zoo replaces these slow, manual processes with a real-time and automated solution that can verify your customers in less than 2 seconds.

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Modernise your KYC

Maximise your conversions with smarter configuration

Input validation

Reduce unintentional friction, like human input errors, by identifying errors with provided document details in real time. Data Zoo's pre-validation rules reduce the possibility of submitting inaccurate data and manual interventions.

Data sequencing

Data Zoo’s smart sequencing functionality uses a series of “if-then” logic-driven rule steps to provide flexible verification workflow configurations. It improves automation, supports unique use cases and adapts to your business as you evolve.

Exception handling

Verify more customers and reduce drop-off. Leverage Data Zoo’s single integration to expand beyond single-source workflows and verify your customers against a sequence of multiple data sources.

Graphs depicting rule-matching and data sequencing, showing numbers for 'Input error prevented: 1,015', 'Verified through exception flow: 4,161', and 'Verfied through sequential rule: 14,490'
Reduce development effort

Go global with our easy-to-use API

Digital businesses are often limited by providers that rely heavily on legacy infrastructure or third-party integrations. Data Zoo’s API makes it easy to build and scale as your business grows and changes.

  • Intuitive and low-code
  • One single global API integration
  • Element-specific verification responses
  • Data mapping and normalisation
	"service": [
		"Driver Licence"
	"addressElement1":"123 Main Street",
	"addressElement3":"Palm Spring",
	"identityVariables": {
		"email":"[email protected]"

Ready to see the difference?

Build a fully customised verification flow and simplify KYC compliance, while balancing user expectations.

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Always know what you pay with no hidden fees and volume discounts.

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Integrate once to access and verify customers from over 100+ countries.

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