Identity Verification (KYC)

The easiest way to verify global customers

Simplify onboarding, eliminate friction, and convert more customers with Data Zoo’s seamless KYC solution that securely verifies identities across the globe within 2 seconds.

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Accelerated and cost-effective onboarding

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Eliminate friction

Convert more customers by implementing a simple, friction-free onboarding process to eliminate customer drop-off.

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Reduce costs

Minimise customer acquisition costs using automated error handling that reduces verification failures and manual review.

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Streamline operations

Maximise efficiency with a configurable, automated solution that removes manual processes and integration complexities.

Maximise match rates

When verifying your customers, balancing security and the user experience can be challenging. Friction during onboarding can result in customer frustration or drop-off, ultimately impacting revenue. Our automated solution eliminates unnecessary friction, allowing you to deliver seamless onboarding experiences, verify more customers and grow revenue.

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ID card being scanned.

Extract customer data

Pre-fill form fields with intuitive and automated document scanning, OCR, and NFC features.

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Pre-validate user input

Eliminate customer drop-off using real-time validation, flagging pre-submission input and formatting errors.

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Sequence data sources

Automate data source routing with configurable orchestration that verifies against optimal sources.

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30% more matches

Cut response times, input errors, operational complexity, and verification costs. Convert more customers.

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Onboard global customers in seconds

Create a real-time onboarding experience for your customers by verifying identity data within 2 seconds using Data Zoo’s direct connection to authoritative data sources across 170 countries.

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Configurable for your unique needs

Automate your back-end and flex your onboarding processes with Data Zoo’s configurable risk rules, business logic and workflows to meet your compliance and business needs.

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Pick the integration that’s right for you

We provide easy and flexible integration options that scale depending on your use case so
that you can build and optimise end-to-end verification experiences.




Get started quickly using our modular, prebuilt UI components.

  • SaaS or hosted delivery

  • Modular components

  • Advanced biometrics

  • Reusable digital identity

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Safeguard identity data with a singular, self-sovereign, mobile-based solution.

  • Portable digital identity certificate

  • Full user oversight & PII consent

  • Secure encryption for data sharing

  • Physical document authentication




Design your verification experience with complete control.

  • Single API integration

  • Data source sequencing

  • Enhanced business rules

  • Remediation services

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