Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent fraudulent users

Configure your verification flow for fraud prevention using custom risk scoring that analyses fraud indicators, cross-references the customer data against authoritative sources, and proactively blocks bad actors in accordance with your risk threshold.

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Why Data Zoo

Frictionless fraud detection

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Minimize fraud losses

Reduce the total cost of fraud by detecting fraudulent transactions, money laundering, and suspicious account activity in real-time, preventing a fraud cascade.

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Block fake accounts

Reduce fraudulent user sign-ups by checking identity data across global authoritative sources, confirming document authenticity, and flagging risk signals during onboarding.

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Eliminate onboarding fiction

Convert more customers using pre-validation and risk scoring for user input, blocking high-risk actors while ensuring legitimate customers have a frictionless journey.

Flag fraudulent documents

Minimize losses and reduce the total cost of fraud by detecting bad actors, money laundering, and suspicious account activity in real-time.

Block fraudulent users

Prevent the use of stolen documents and ensure user presence by comparing selfie images to photo IDs with a biometric facial matching accuracy of over 99.99% and liveness detection at 100%.

Detect fake IDs

Catch any signs of document tampering or data inconsistency using AI-powered technology trained on 450,000+ templates, seamlessly validating security features like holograms, watermarks, and more with 99% accuracy.

Verify customers

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Protect your business

Detect and prevent fraud using Data Zoo's configurable risk scoring, global authoritative data sources, and comprehensive safeguards.

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Global watchlist screening

Access a comprehensive list of global authoritative sources for fast and simple watchlist lookups, sanction screening, PEP checks, adverse media presence, and additional flags for high-risk users.

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Configurable risk scoring

Flag users in accordance with your risk tolerance using The IDUX Ecosystem’s core decision engine, evaluating and triaging risk and trust signals from multiple Data Zoo capabilities and global authoritative sources.

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Mobile number intelligence

Determine customer legitimacy with seamless and comprehensive mobile number analysis. From carrier and ownership history, to connection type, distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent users.

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Death check

Block fraudulent users from attempting to use legitimate identities of the deceased with Data Zoo’s fast, secure, and automated cross-referencing of official government death records.

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Fraud Guide

Defend against new threats

Learn how to detect and defend against Synthetic Identity Fraud, the fastest-growing financial crime in the United States, with economic damage estimates between $20 billion and $40 billion.

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Excellence in customer success

Unbelievable - setting the new benchmark in KYC / KYB technology and service levels! Data Zoo is future focused and has developed a platform that is not just industry leading but industry disruptive. Unparalleled in match rates and quality of service.

— Eric D.

Data Zoo Help Desk is 24/7 there for any problem solving. They understand our business nature and needs. We always have positive feedback from Data Zoo.

— David D.

Data Zoo have been incredibly responsive in supporting the integration and implementation of their services to our offering. Data Zoo offer marketing leading solutions that are feature rich for a variety of use cases.

— Richard W.

Superb, All-Around Offering. Great combination of attractive costs, straightforward API documentation and top-notch support.

— Ezra W.

Data Zoo - Unparalleled Service for KYC and KYB Solutions. It's the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, enabling us to perform KYC and KYB tasks with a level of ease that surpasses all prior experiences.

— John F.


Choose the integration that’s right for you

Our flexible software integration options help you build and scale end-to-end verification experiences for any use case.

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Core is our low-code standardised API for businesses that want to use their own UI.

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Safe is our decentralised mobile solution offering both an iOS/Android app or SDK.

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Flow is our modular no-code solution; a suite of UI building blocks in one platform.

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