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Streamline your user onboarding process.

Eliminate friction with Data Zoo’s powerful AI and biometrics-enabled document verification solution using automation to seamlessly scan, extract, and authenticate documents in under 6 seconds.

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Why Data Zoo

Accelerated and automated onboarding

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Eliminate friction

Convert more customers by eliminating onboarding friction for global users with seamless processing for 2500 document types over 140 countries.

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Automate processing

Eliminate costly manual tasks by leveraging automated AI and ML workflows to extract, process, and verify document data in under 6 seconds.

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Prevent fraud

Minimise risk of fraud by implementing AI-powered facial matching and liveness detection, identifying bad actors and altered IDs with over 99.99% accuracy.

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Minimise input error

Automate data extraction and minimise onboarding friction by allowing customers to take photos of their ID while Data Zoo’s OCR and NFC technology extracts and pre-fills their details with 100%*(95% OCR and 100% NFC success rate) accuracy.

Detect fake IDs

Catch any signs of document tampering or data inconsistency using AI-powered technology trained on 450,000+ templates, seamlessly validating security features like holograms, watermarks, and more with 99% accuracy.

Passport illustration with a finder view box on the bottom right magnifying the signature, with annotations of warning signs and exclamation marks depicting tampering
Passport and phone illustration showcasing the screen with the same image of the person on the passport depicting a selfie or biometric check.

Block fraudulent users

Prevent the use of stolen documents and ensure user presence by comparing selfie images to photo IDs with a biometric facial matching accuracy of over 99.99% and liveness detection at 100%.

How it works

Data Zoo’s seamless document verification uses three simple steps.

Scan & extract document data

Users photograph their ID so Auto Capture & OCR technology can extract their data.

Check document authenticity

AI & ML authenticity checks validate security features and screen for signs of tampering.

Verify customer biometrics

Customers take a selfie for facial matching and liveness detection against their photo ID.

Three iamges cycling from photo ID being scanned, to passport being authenticated, and a selfie being taken.

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Pick the integration that’s right for you

We provide easy and flexible integration options that scale depending on your use case so
that you can build and optimise end-to-end verification experiences.




Get started quickly using our modular, prebuilt UI components.

  • SaaS or hosted delivery

  • Modular components

  • Advanced biometrics

  • Reusable digital identity

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Safeguard identity data with a singular, self-sovereign, mobile-based solution.

  • Portable digital identity certificate

  • Full user oversight & PII consent

  • Secure encryption for data sharing

  • Physical document authentication




Design your verification experience with complete control.

  • Single API integration

  • Data source sequencing

  • Enhanced business rules

  • Remediation services

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