New Zealand Identity verification

Instantly verify your New Zealand customers

Verify your customer’s identities online

Experience complete KYC, AML & GDPR compliance
Data coverage

Access over 80% of New Zealand coverage through 11 independently sourced commercial, credit, government and phone datasets.

Document verification

Scan and OCR government-issued documents and verify against the source.

Biometric verification

Apply facial verification to match individuals to the identity documents and use passive biometric techniques to validate the authenticity of the individual.

Fraud detection

Improve and automate your due diligence process through our mobile and email address screening solution.

New Zealand ID verification demo

Please refer to real time examples on our scenario page or visit our blog on how to verify a New Zealand citizen.

Give us a call or get in touch with us to book a demo. Experience the power and simplicity of Data Zoo’s IDU™ product – verify your customers today.

Coverage High
Date of birth
Government ID
Biometrics & OCR
“Data Zoo has the ability to effortlessly onboard your customers from one single platform in seconds.”
Tony Fitzgibbon CEO, Data Zoo

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