May 8, 2020

Verify with confidence in China

Learn how we proactive approach to work with the Chinese Government regulators and our suppliers, allowing continual improvement of the quality and accuracy of our solution.

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With the current events going on in the world, the digital identity ecosystem has been evolving faster than expected. Data Zoo has seen new operational needs underpinning organisations as they have transitioned to working online, and Governments are continually monitoring and implementing new strategies that utilise a digital identity. 

Over the next 5 years, a digital transformation will see the market for identity solutions increase with a compound annual growth rate of 17%; on the forefront of this growth is China. Given the enormous market that China represents, businesses must understand their regulatory obligations and have confidence in their identity verification solution. 

Currently, the Chinese Government is working to prevent fraud and phishing attempts by enforcing a maximum number of 5 identity searches on one individual within a 60 minute period.

The Chinese Government is cracking down on organisations that are trying to use multiple translated variations of a name with a corresponding ID number as a way of phishing for a positive match. Instead of phishing for a match, we offer the ability for the Chinese documents to be OCR scanned to extract the relevant ID particulars. From here, clients can then proceed to verify their customer as usual in seconds. 

The Data Zoo vision has driven our proactive approach to work with the Chinese Government regulators and our suppliers, allowing continual improvement of the quality and accuracy of our data. We are proud that through directly sourcing independent data, we have 100% Chinese coverage through 3 independently sourced national databases:

As an agile and progressive company, we are committed to providing you with a 360˚ compliant and transparent solution. By working face to face with the Chinese Government, there is no doubt that we have actively built a reliable, comprehensive and compliant solution for our customers.

1. Reliable

Established over 3 years ago, Data Zoo has a local office located in Wuhan and several Tier 3+ rated multi-data centres throughout China. With the events going on in the world (especially in Wuhan), our China service experienced no downtime throughout COVID-19.

2. Comprehensive

Data Zoo provides the most comprehensive in-country multi-source eIDV solution plus PEPs and Sanctions screening. In-country means that the entire transaction workflow ensures personally identifiable information (PII) does not leave China, and Data Zoo is accessing data directly from the source. – Verify approximately 2.8 billion records in China.

3. Compliant

Data Zoo ticks all compliance requirements and China cybersecurity and data protection laws. 

  • As part of our ongoing due diligence, Data Zoo was audited by the Chinese Government regulators – we have a register eIDV certificate issued by the Chinese government regulators.

  • Our systems have been audited and certified to access the Chinese Government identity bureau.

  • Our systems do not store Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and only return a yes/no response.

If you would like to learn more about Data Zoo or our Chinese solution, please head to our contact page.





Data Zoo的愿景推动了我们与政府机构和供应商的密切合作关系,正因如此我们的数据在质量以及准确度上一直在不断提高。我们在对发掘独立数据源上也十分自信,以致我们现在拥有对3个独立国家数据库的访问权限并且对中国的查询覆盖率也达到了百分之百。

  • 中国身份证 (约12亿条数据)

  • 银行数据 (约7.5亿条数据)

  • 全国手机数据 (约8亿条数据)

作为一家发展迅捷的公司,我们致力于提供给客户全方位式的兼容环境以及透明服务。通过与中国政府的直接合作,毫无疑问, 我们一直在不断的为客户构建可靠,全面以及合规的验证服务。

1. 可靠的中国服务

Data Zoo于3年前在武汉建立了相关办公室并且在中国多地拥有多个3级以上的数据中心。正因如此,在新冠肺炎疫情期间,我们的中国验证服务没有受到任何影响。

2. 全面的中国服务

Data Zoo提供最全面的不跨国多数据源电子身份验证方案以及PEP和黑名单筛查。不跨国的意思是在客户的整个查询流程中,个人身份数据不会离开查询国并且我们直接对数据源进行访问来对大约28亿条中国数据进行比对。

3. 合规的中国服务

Data Zoo完全遵守所有的合规要求以及中国网络安全法和数据保护法的相关规定

  • 除了我们正在进行的尽职调查之外, Data Zoo还接受了中国政府监管机构的审核–并且获得了其机构颁发的eIDV的证书

  • 我们的系统已通过审核并获得了中国政府身份证号码查询服务中心的认证

  • 我们的系统不存储任何个人身份信息并且只返还是/否的验证结果。

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