August 10, 2022

People of Data Zoo: Meet Mohammad Shah, Regional Sales Manager (Asia)

Meet Mohammad (Mo for short), our Regional Sales Manager for Asia. Working at Data Zoo for over three years, he was the first employee to be hired in Asia. Get to know Mo and his significant impact at Data Zoo.

# Corporate

Mo, a soccer-loving, outgoing, and welcoming personality, is a true representation of the team we have here at Data Zoo. During his time with the business, Mo has seen the company’s rapid growth first-hand.

How does Data Zoo differ from your previous roles?

When I worked at a bank, I found myself working long hours. I dreaded coming to work at 9 am, knowing I would likely have to stay until 11 pm. Sometimes I would have to come in on weekends, and that motivation runs out very quickly. I realised there was more to life and wanted to explore customer-facing roles.

In my current role, I take care of new business and get a lot more face-to-face interaction which I enjoy. I also work with my colleague Ash who I used to study with at Uni.

What was your journey to joining Data Zoo?

I previously worked at a bank and then an AI security company for around a year and a half. After that, I wanted to see what the market was like.

I got through four rounds of interviews at a company. However, the hiring process was put on hold. An associate of that company turned out to have a great relationship with our CEO Tony and recommended he hire me. One month later, I received a message on LinkedIn from Tony, and before I knew it, I was setting up the Singapore office.

Reflecting on when there were just five of us, it’s crazy to see how far we have come.

How would you describe the culture here at Data Zoo?

Mon, our People and Culture Director, has this incredible ability to hire the right people that contribute to the company’s dynamic. Of course, everyone is extremely talented in their role, but they all align with our culture. I think a positive culture comes from the top and spreads throughout the whole team. Work-related or not, the team is always there to offer support and help in any way they can.

Data Zoo takes pride in its people, and that’s what makes me stay.

Finally, what is your mantra?

I don’t believe working ourselves to the bone is relevant in this generation, so I would have to say, ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder.’

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