July 13, 2022

People of Data Zoo: Meet Eva Chen, Product Marketing Manager

Meet Eva Chen, our Product Marketing Manager. Eva brings a wealth of knowledge around all things marketing and client engagement to help drive growth and innovation at Data Zoo. Learn more about Eva and her daily impact.

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What first attracted you to Data Zoo?

I had previously worked in a large organisation that involved a lot of processes. What drew me to Data Zoo was the freedom to be creative and to make the role my own. The industry is experiencing considerable growth, making it an exciting time to join Data Zoo. I feel like I am making an impact, and the start-up culture is motivating to be around. There are no barriers, and you can talk to anyone; even the executives are always available to have a chat.

What was your journey to Data Zoo? How is it different to prior roles?

I started my career in the media agency sector and then moved client-side. My previous role was marketing for the financial services industry in Australia and New Zealand and was quite broad. In comparison, my role at Data Zoo is collaborative, working with the sales, marketing, and product teams. I love bringing all the teams together to ensure they are aligned and have a common goal. It’s great to work with everyone, get different perspectives and learn from others. I think this approach has a positive impact on our clients.

What does your average day look like?

I get to work with an array of teams, so each day is different. For example, today, I have a meeting with the sales team to understand what they are doing and how their workload looks. I’ll then catch up with the product team to confirm what’s on their radar and conduct interviews with clients to bridge the gap between company and client. Getting that one-on-one time with clients helps me to find out what is working well, what isn’t and how we can improve, and feed this information back to the business.

What is something unique about the Data Zoo Marketing Team?

Our team is diverse and vibrant, and we all have unique perspectives. I feel when we brainstorm, everyone’s ideas are welcome, and no one is ever shut down. It’s great to work in a team where everyone is open and accepting of all opinions.

Before Data Zoo, you’d never worked in this industry; what has surprised and excited you the most?

It is fast-paced, and there is always something new. The industry changes rapidly, and you need to work to keep on top of regulations, government changes and external forces. As Data Zoo grows and works on exciting new products, it's important to be fully immersed in industry changes. It is crazy how quickly fraudsters and cybercriminals are coming up with sophisticated ways to attack and gain personal information, so it’s a great feeling to be working in a company that is working to combat these issues.

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