May 31, 2024

Explore Data Zoo's Identity Solutions at Money20/20 Europe

Meet our experts and learn how Data Zoo's KYC & KYB solutions can help you onboard more customers, faster, while maintaining global compliance and security.

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Money20/20 Europe is one of the biggest fintech events of the year, uniting top payments, banking, and financial services leaders. It's the ultimate hub for modernizing your finance systems and connecting with future partners, and most importantly, Data Zoo will be there.

This year, we're thrilled to be back in Amsterdam to see some familiar faces and introduce ourselves to those we haven't met yet. Our experts will be on the ground from June 4-6, ready to guide you through our modern KYC and KYB solutions. We're excited to show you how our seamless and secure verification solutions can streamline your onboarding process, unlocking new customers for your organization.

Meet us at booth 8B104 to discover why leading global financial institutions, payment providers, and fintechs trust Data Zoo to verify millions of customers, minimize fraud, and ensure compliance is met across the ever-changing global regulatory landscape.

What to expect from Data Zoo at Money20/20

At Data Zoo, we understand that the rise of sophisticated fraud, friction during onboarding, and limited access to data increases verification costs and compliance risk. Our goal has always been to help you navigate these challenges with modern verification solutions, securely maximizing matches and minimizing risk.

Our experts at Money 20/20 will discuss how our unique verification methods can minimize your customer's onboarding time, uplift your match rate, and seamlessly integrate with your current workflows.

In 2024, Data Zoo’s advantage is clear:

  • Direct access to authoritative data sources means faster verification and data visibility, minimizing compliance risks and verification costs.

  • A highly configurable, low-code API allows seamless global expansion without the development and maintenance overheads.

  • Advanced data sequencing automatically verifies identities against the next best source, improving efficiency and reducing failed verifications.

  • Privacy first principles ensure your customer's data is protected with zero PII storage and global compliance expertise.

But KYC isn’t all you can expect from us at Money20/20 this year.

Recently, regulatory bodies have introduced stricter rules, emphasizing the importance of business verification and ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) checks. The lack of visibility and accuracy at scale has impacted businesses through compliance risk, increased operational costs, and onboarding delays.

Learning more about Data Zoo’s KYB solution will introduce you to modern techniques in unraveling ownership structures for businesses you need to verify. Cutting through complex entities, uncovering individuals with ultimate or significant control, and navigating this process through different regulatory and threat landscapes will ensure a more secure and compliant onboarding process.

If your organization's verification needs aren’t being met with legacy solutions, meet us at booth 8B104 and speak to one of our experts at Money20/20. We can help you cut through the noise and onboard your customers confidently.

Meet Our Team

Feel free to reach out to our team on LinkedIn ahead of Money20/20 today. Hamish, Shaun, and Judit will be ready to guide you through our verification solutions both online and at our booth.

We can’t wait to share how Data Zoo can help you unlock the flexibility and privacy needed to power your verification flow and uplift your onboarding.

See you at Money20/20 Europe!

Ready to onboard more customers?

Secure a meeting with our team at Money20/20 Europe to see what you can do with Data Zoo.