June 5, 2023

Introducing Document Authentication: Streamline your Identity Verification Experience

Data Zoo has introduced AI-powered Document Authentication technology that seamlessly scans and checks identity documents so you can be sure your customers are using real IDs every time.

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One of the biggest challenges global businesses face is how to build a secure and frictionless onboarding experience without adding significant costs or complexity. Today, Data Zoo is introducing AI-powered Document Authentication technology that seamlessly scans and checks identity documents so you can be sure your customers are using real IDs every time. The cutting-edge technology enables you to streamline operations, simplify compliance, and onboard customers faster than ever before. 

Onboard more customers for less 

We understand that manual document authentication leads to customer frustration and drop-off and impacts revenue. By replacing slow and expensive processes with Data Zoo’s Document Authentication solution, you can create a seamless onboarding experience that maximises new customer conversions and minimises costs.  

Our Document Authentication provides lightning-fast response times, measured in seconds, to ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience. Our comprehensive global coverage spans all major markets, allowing you to expand your reach and tap into new opportunities. In addition, with verification capabilities for over 2,500 document types in all major markets, you can confidently onboard more customers from around the world.  

Consolidate identity verification into one platform 

Document Authentication effortlessly integrates with existing Data Zoo KYC products, including our API offering CORE and our hosted offering FLOW, without disrupting operations, saving you time and money typically spent managing multiple identity vendors. By consolidating all your identity verification needs into one platform, you can spend less time dealing with vendor complexities and more time scaling your business. 

Data Zoo's Document Authentication will do more than save you money on each document verification. By integrating Document Authentication within an existing Data Zoo KYC solution and using Data Zoo as your preferred supplier, you can save time and money usually spent managing multiple vendors and training and maintaining a team. This approach provides a dedicated source of support, streamlines your business and empowers your team to perform with efficiency and focus.  

Build trust with your customers 

At Data Zoo, we're committed to putting privacy and compliance at the core of everything we do. We are certified and adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations around the world, such as; ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2, and CSA Star Level 2

That's why Document Authentication is built on our privacy-first ecosystem, which helps build trust between you and your customers. Our advanced technology seamlessly conducts ID document layout, feature, and consistency checks. This adds a layer of security and assurance that your customers are using real ID documents and protects against fraudulent activities and financial crime. With Data Zoo’s Document Authentication, you can confidently mitigate risk, deliver safer verification experiences, and meet evolving business and customer demands for privacy. 

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