February 2, 2024

Identify risks early with Mobile Number Intelligence

Mobile Number Intelligence empowers businesses to rapidly identify risk and trust factors associated with a phone number and take decisive action.

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Fraud is a complex challenge, demanding a multi-layered approach to detection and prevention. While there is no silver bullet, using the right tools plays a crucial role in helping to build a resilient defence.

In today's landscape, where fraudulent tactics constantly evolve, many businesses struggle to detect and manage risks in new account openings without compromising the user experience.

Enter Mobile Number Intelligence – a new tool in our growing library of fraud indicators.

Mobile Number Intelligence empowers businesses to rapidly identify risk and trust factors associated with a phone number and take decisive action without additional friction.

Seamless integration for global reach

Mobile Number Intelligence seamlessly integrates into existing workflows to elevate your account opening process. This powerful tool connects directly to Data Zoo’s trusted global data sources across 169 countries, ensuring extensive coverage for your global ambitions.

Getting started is easy. Data Zoo will verify the country code and phone number your users provide during onboarding. No additional steps or information are required – it’s that simple.

Mobile Number Intelligence works effectively without requiring additional identity data like a user’s name. Instead, it focuses solely on the phone number without verifying or revealing the owner's identity, maintaining trust between you and your customers.

Real-time risk assessments

With Data Zoo, you can conduct real-time risk assessments of phone numbers in just 1.5 seconds. This assessment encompasses critical factors, such as:

  • Connection Type: Identifies if the number is associated with a fixed line, mobile, virtual line, or 30+ additional types.

  • Activity Status: Checks whether the phone number is currently registered as active or inactive.

  • Network History: Confirms the name of the network operator that originally activated the number and the name on which the number was last active.

These seamless checks help to determine the authenticity of a user's mobile phone number, ensuring it has not been compromised by fraud, all while delivering a frictionless and secure onboarding experience for your legitimate customers.

Streamline onboarding with intelligent risk scoring

Mobile Number Intelligence simplifies risk assessment by flagging blocked numbers and providing a dynamic risk score from 0 (higher risk) to 10 (lower risk). This scoring is intelligently derived from the Connection Type and Activity Status, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential risks.

More than just numbers, Data Zoo also provides a qualitative risk assessment, categorised from Low to Very High. The real game-changer? You have the power to customise each data point based on your unique business needs and risk tolerances, offering unparalleled flexibility to meet the diverse challenges of your industry.

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