June 5, 2020

How to verify an Indonesian citizen

Explore our Indonesian solution, including the key verification sources available, the standard of verification possible and how to protect your organisation.

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Indonesia has the largest Southeast Asian economy and is one of the biggest emerging market economies of the world. It is the 16th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the 7th largest in terms of GDP (PPP). Due to resilient economic growth, low government debt and prudent fiscal management, the Indonesian credit ratings have increased in financial service companies such as Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s. 

Adult Population is approximately 180 million people, with ~70% considered to be non-rural/urban. 

Indonesian resident identity card (NIK number)

The Indonesian Identity card, commonly known as KTP card, is a compulsory identification card for both Indonesians and foreigner residents. The KTP card is issued once an individual reaches the age of 17 or when they get married. Since 2011, the Government has issued an electronic version of the identity card called e-KTP (KTP elektronik), which contains a modern embedded microchip.

The National ID service verifies the NIK number to verify an individual’s identity along with Name, DOB and address. This identity card supports the verification of Indonesian citizens to satisfy the Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations.

City & province

NIK number

Full name

Place & DOB


Maritial status






Expiry date

Place & date of issue


Issuing officer details


Indonesian IPification mobile verification

By verifying the user’s mobile device as part of the ID verification process, DataZoo can confirm that the user owns a mobile device before it’s used as a verification method. This confirmation can be linked to the verification of a user’s identity (using the ID card, NIK number, above) to enable you to pair the device with an individual.

The IPification IP-based authentication solution enables secure, seamless mobile number verification.

 IPification IP-based authentication solution

This solution forms a part of the IDU service that streamlines the onboarding of new customers in a secure manner while adhering to global privacy regulations.

One by one verification standard

The one by one verification is a process by which you verify the citizens’ identity against one independent and reliable verification source, and these usually are Government-issued ID documents. In order to verify the authenticity of an Indonesian resident ID card, you will need to capture and enter the NIK number, full name, date of birth and address of the individual. This information is entered directly to the Data Zoo IDU server. None of this information is stored anywhere else and you will be returned with a match/no match for each data element.

Nik number

Full name

Date of birth






No match

No match

No match

No match

Digital onboarding

It is also easy to scan, OCR and verify an Indonesian National ID card with Data Zoo’s unique identity platform, IDU. IDU Indonesia includes the option to verify your customer against the Government residential ID card database. Watchlist AML can also be additionally selected to screen the individual against a comprehensive global PEPs and Sanctions service.

OCR and verify an Indonesian National ID card
  1. Select the country: Indonesia

  2. Select the database: Indonesia Resident ID

  3. The customer must provide and upload an image of their National ID 

  4. Data Zoo IDU has now extracted all the identity details from the image and filled them into the appropriate fields

  5. Biometric authentication: The customer is prompted next to take a selfie to verify if the image matches the picture on the national id card.

  6. The facial matching result will be either passed or failed.

  7. If passed, Instant verification of the ID card details will be done. 

Data Zoo makes it easy to onboard and verify customers quickly

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