April 30, 2021

Digital forum: Fraud prevention & beyond

Join our discussion on the growing fraud in the digital world and what steps companies can take for prevention.

# Corporate

Tony Fitzgibbon, CEO of Data Zoo and Memoona Anwar, Compliance and Digital Strategy Manager at Data Zoo in conversation with Cameron D’Ambrosi, the Managing Director at One World Identity. Discussing the growing fraud in this digital world and how companies can prevent them from maintaining their ongoing due diligence.

“As technology has advanced to ease practices for human beings, it has also advanced to increase their risks for digital identity theft. If your identity information is sold on the dark web, it can permanently ruin your background checks, even if it a fraud case,” Memoona shares her thoughts on fraud in this advancing world.

People are more informed about their rights but so are fraudsters, a difficult ongoing battle between the companies and fraudsters, each moving in opposite directions. This is where identity verification plays a key role in protecting your organisation from fraudulent people and their activities that can cause a data breach or causing financial losses.

Tony, “What companies need to look at is how they verify someone’s identity using multiple reliable and independent data sets.” A multiple data source-driven verification can help you verify other information that should be provided. Hear how the conversion unveils what goes beyond fraud prevention:

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