August 31, 2022

Data Zoo achieves CSA STAR Attestation

We are excited to add CSA STAR Level One and Two Attestation to our compliance portfolio, reinforcing our commitment to delivering a secure and resilient identity service for our customers.

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At Data Zoo, we pride ourselves on putting our compliance to the test year after year. We proactively undertook the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Star Assessment to maintain our high compliance standard and to provide additional assurance to our customers. The CSA is an industry leader in secure cloud computing and outlines a broad set of expectations and requirements to ensure customers are in safe hands when dealing with Cloud Providers.

STAR refers to the assessment of Security, Trust Assurance and Risk through rigorous auditing of the standards outlined in the Cloud Controls Matrix, a cybersecurity control framework for cloud computing. To achieve CSA STAR Level Two, Data Zoo engaged cybersecurity audit partner, AssuranceLab, to conduct third-party independent audits and assessments of Data Zoo, resulting in CSA STAR attestation.

"The whole Data Zoo team were great to work with, demonstrating a strong commitment to their security and compliance program and seamlessly achieved the difficult standard of CSA STAR Level Two accreditation," said Paul Wenham, Co-Founder and CEO at AssuranceLab.

With more information being stored "in the cloud" than ever, businesses must prioritise cloud data security. Businesses should consider a provider’s security framework and commitment to essential industry principles and best practices when looking for a service provider.

In addition to CSA STAR, Data Zoo has attained accreditations, certifications, and attestations for ISO-27001, SOC2, SOC3, CCPA, ASAE 3150, and Australian Open Banking CDR data.

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