• March 31, 2020

COVID-19 and digital Identity verification

COVID-19 and digital Identity verification

COVID-19 and digital Identity verification 1080 607 Data Zoo

The COVID-19 pandemic is a misfortune that will have pervasive and long-lasting effects for humanity and the worldwide economy. It’s also uncertain how long this pandemic will last since there is no cure to combat it yet. What should be certain is that COVID-19 will significantly influence most companies for weeks, months, perhaps years

Reality check:  This is not going to end soon; hence, companies must get ready for prolonged disruption.

To slow the toll of COVID-19 on businesses, many of them are opting for teleworking, which is a challenging mandate. People are homebound and social distancing. With many companies directing employees to work from home, there has been an obvious rise in need for online communication and video conferencing tools like Skype, MS Teams and Zoom.  Everything has moved to be remote within days. Both consumers and businesses prefer to work remotely during these crazy pandemic days. Telemedicine and global healthcare agencies distantly verifying a patient’s identity is a fundamental prerequisite given the sensitivity of the information involved, institutions need students to take online lectures, contactless deliveries are high in demand, online transaction with banks are increasing.

Nobody can predict how long this will continue, but this seems to be a new truth for the immediate future. However, on a positive side, these circumstances gave us a chance to reconsider the ways electronic identity verification (eIDV) is conducted. There is a need for a more adaptive eIDV framework to combat situations like these. It has become obvious that identity architects shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to design stronger eIDV frameworks. The globalisation of our economy compounded by vulnerabilities exposed by the growing Coronavirus illustrates the importance of creating and implementing an adaptive, privacy-aware and regulatory compliant digital identity framework.

We at Data Zoo, and the Data Zoo Innovations’ team, are well-aware of the possible damages by such health-related pandemics and take the lead of the lessons learnt from this real-world use-case, on the effect of shifting usual eIDV to an adaptive and privacy-aware eIDV.  

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