KYC remediation

Minimise risk beyond onboarding customers

Ensure data precision and make accurate risk-based decisions

Adopting a proactive model for compliance facilitates a multi-layered approach to KYC. Financial institutions need to define, implement and measure a due diligence program that occurs systematically throughout the customer life cycle. After onboarding a customer, it is fundamental for institutions to conduct periodic remediation checks to enhance their customer data and make accurate risk-based decisions.

Reduce and manage risks

Optimise data

Inaccurate and incomplete customer data can lead to unwanted false positives and additional ECDD checks. Our unique name and address cleaning solution can update incorrect or missing customer details, enhance name and address formats, and identify errors with provided document details.

Customer screening

Risks change over time, and there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach for risk management. Periodic remediation of your customers will help you to review and update their risk assessment continuously. These controls ensure the effective use of your resources and identify the need for enhanced customer due diligence.


Enhanced customer due diligence requires you to carry out defined risk-based measures appropriate to the situation. In high-risk situations, you must clarify, update and re-verify identification provided by the customer, including collecting additional customer information.

Clean customer data
Standardise customer data
Validate customer data
Multiple risk profiles
Alternate matching rules
Multi-source verification

Experience industry leading match rates and processing time

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