Anti-Money Laundering

Sanctions and Official List

    "dataSources": [
        "Watchlist AML"
    "reportingReference": "",
    "firstName": "Nur",
    "lastName": "Misuari",
    "gender": "Male",
    "dateOfBirth": "1939-03-03"

    "reportingReference": "DZ-KWC-000000001038672",
    "safeHarbour": false,
    "watchlistAML": [
            "status": 0,
            "verified": true,
            "safeHarbourScore": "None",
            "firstName": "Nur",
            "middleName": "",
            "lastName": "MISUARI",
            "dateOfBirth": "1939-03-03",
            "address1": "PHILIPPINES",
            "watchlistAMLAdditionalInfo": {
                "category": "TER/SIP",
                "scanId": "519303",
                "urlMore": "",
                "urlRemote": "URL for search history will appear here (authenticated users only)",
                "residentOf": "",
                "gender": "Male",
                "deathIndex": "NO",
                "placeOfBirth": "Philippines",
                "lastReviewed": "2018-12-04",
                "originalScriptName": [],
                "otherNames": [
                    "Nour MISUARI"
                "sanctionsReferences": [
                    "PEP Tier 1",
                    "Rep. Risk: Bribery and Corruption - Corrupt Practices",
                    "Rep. Risk: Terrorism - Violent Crimes with Terrorist Connection",
                    "Rep. Risk: Terrorism - Terrorist Financing and Support"
                "importantDates": [
                    "Date of Birth: 03 Mar 1939"
                "officialLists": [
                "associates": [
					"Hassan Ali Basari",
					"Abdul Ghani Omar",
					"Salim Y Salamuddin Julkipli"
                "images": [
                "idNumbers": [
                "notes": "[BIOGRAPHY] Political Positions - Former Governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
                [REPORTS] A consultant of the National Democratic Front (NDF) on Saturday welcomed the suspension of the arrest warrant against Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leader Nur Misuari, saying it allows the Moro leader to take part in talks to end the Moro rebellion peacefully. ” Mapano, among several NDF leaders freed from jail in August to take part in peace talks with the government, said Misuari’s inputs and insights will have an impact on the peace process with the Bangsamoro. Despite factionalism in the MNLF, President Duterte had said Misuari still enjoyed the respect of the Moro people. In a resolution granting Misuari a six-month reprieve from arrest, Judge Maria Rowena Modesto-San Pedro, of the Regional Trial Court Branch 158 in Pasig City, noted that Misuari’s authority to represent his group has been consistently recognized by both the Philippine government and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. ” by the Duterte administration to suspend the arrest of Misuari. FULL DISCLAIMER move” by the Duterte administration to suspend the arrest of Misuari. ” Misuari had been charged with leading an assault by the MNLF on Zamboanga City that led to the deaths of hundreds and the displacement of thousands of people.\r\n\r\nMoreover a key function on the scenario of the rebel groups - which besides are “all connected” - could be played by Nur Misuari, former MNLF leader, later integrated in the civil administration of the autonomous Region of Mindanao, and then arrested on charges of corruption and terrorism.\r\n\r\nSource: Fides, 15.02.2005\r\n\r\nThe source provides political exposure details of the subject. Please refer to the Political Positions and Linked Persons sections of the profile."


Full Name:

Nur Misuari

Date of Birth:





Output flags

Source Verified:


A “0” Status indicates that a full match on the identity has been returned.
A “1” Status indicates that the Identity was matched, but the name provided was incorrect.
A “2” Status indicates all information provided was incorrect.
A “3” Status indicates the data source being utilised is not working.

DZ PDF Report URL: watchlist/519303_20190722150111.pdf

Output data

Terror/Special Interest Person

Death Index:

Last Reviewed:


This is an example of Data Zoo’s API capability, and uses publicly available information for the sample individual. Our databases are updated daily as information on listed individual’s changes. This sample is not obtained from any data provider, may not be accurate, and is merely a representation of the service capabilities.

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