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High volume identity checks for large corporations requiring KYC globally

Data Zoo is an APAC centric business
verifying billions of individuals instantaneously
through one API service.

Our IDU solution is the most comprehensive electronic identity solution. Online, real-time and delivery on a single platform. Giving you access to the widest and most in-depth identity data across the APAC region and abroad.

AML Amenities

As per FATF and APG requirements, a “reporting entity must, as soon as practicable after establishing a business relationship or conducting an occasional transaction, take reasonable steps to determine whether the customer is a politically exposed person.”


Know Your Customer through the access of the most detailed and accurate global coverage for senior Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Officially Sanctioned individuals, Persons of Special Interest and Adverse Media. The system is available in XML Soap, RESTful API or a hosted solution

Our Solution

Designed for reporting entities that require a cost-effective AML screening solution, we provide a service that offers full due diligence workflow, whitelist creation, reporting, audit capabilities and ISO 27001 Certification.

Peace Of Mind

Data Zoo strives to provide our customers with confidence and assurance when it comes to data compliance; providing a peace of mind through the way we manage our data, keeping information protected and our data secure.

One Platform

Our 1 API does all the work. No fuss.


Our data centres are fully protected for
disaster recovery – there is no single point of failure.


We are ISO27001 compliant and PCI-DSS compliant.

All data sourced is GDPR compliant.

Data Zoo also has an internal audit certification on our data sources provided for each country.


PEP and Sanctions screening. PEPs and their RCAs; Sanctions and Official Lists; Persons and Entities of Special Interest.

“Data Zoo has the ability to onboard your customers in less than 3 seconds.”

— Tony Fitzgibbon CEO, Data Zoo