Electronic verification

IDU will verify the identity of 4.4 billion individuals within the APAC region. All from one single platform.

The majority of Data Zoo’s data sources are derived directly from government agencies. Data Zoo realises that not all data sources are perfect and adopts a proactive approach to working with Government bodies or agencies and our suppliers to continually improve the quality and accuracy of the data received.

The Data Zoo IDU Solution ensures eIDV and KYC conditions are met and an individual’s identity is validated and correct.

Electronic verification as per the FATF and APG provisions requires financial institutions verify a customer’s identity (DOB, full name and/or address) from independent and reliable data sources.

Another critical consideration is the risk profiling that is required as part of the customer onboarding process (PEP Sanctions Watch List Screening).

  • Verification of an individual’s Full Name, DOB and government ID document number and, if available, a person’s living address.
    • Electronic verification of individual’s details against multiple reliable and independent data sources held and accessed by Data Zoo
    • Customised matching rules
  • Screening of an individual’s information against PEP (Politically Exposed Person) and Sanctions Watchlists.

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