• January 5, 2021

DVS proposed update to identity checks

DVS proposed update to identity checks

DVS proposed update to identity checks 1080 720 Data Zoo

DVS propose new changes to driver licence verifications

Different kinds of Australian DVS checks can be performed in a background mode, e.g. driver’s licence checks (all states); Medicare card checks; Australian Passport checks; and Visa checks as part of an electronic identity check.

The driver’s licence is considered a “Golden Ticket” (or referred to as the pseudo national identity card) to identity. Once a person loses, or their drivers’ licence is compromised, they remain exposed to identity theft for the rest of their life. As highlighted in our previous post (Read Post), the DVS did not consider the drivers’ license card number for background verification. The system only verifies Name, DOB and licence number, and these elements do not change for the life of a driver’s licence holder. The only way to change a driver’s licence number is to apply through the courts to have a new licence number assigned to you – this exercise is costly and time-consuming, with no certainty of a positive outcome. 

To address significant system vulnerabilities and to decrease fraud and theft, DVS has recently announced that it will add another field for ‘Card Number’ verification. Adding this additional input will bridge the divide highlighted in our previous post (Read Post). Even though this change will not happen until late 2021, it is a positive step moving forward. The new change will remove the risk of identity theft/fraud in case of loss/theft of a driver’s licence.

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