• May 21, 2020

7 steps to manage your data

7 steps to manage your data

7 steps to manage your data 1080 432 Data Zoo

Digital transformation depends on data that is both timely and reliable.

Mostly, data governance is believed to secure data but it slows or even prevents accessibility. That leads to a slower time to market, missed opportunities, and increasing friction. A good data management strategy can deliver secure data at the speed of business. However, data security is not a one-time activity. Instead, it is a continuous process and one that requires constant adjustment to the data management strategy – this is why the data lifecycle model is so appropriate. There is another critical but often unnoticed factor that can be central in threat and vulnerability identification: Security Lifecycle Management (SLM). At a higher level, SLM for physical assets might sound similar to SLM of digital assets, but in reality, it is different. In truth, information security challenges have become a principal reason for SLM and vice versa.

At Data Zoo, we adopt a lifecycle approach to information security for maintaining the highest standards of data security and compliance, securely managing the complete data lifecycle — from onboarding to processing and offboarding.

The Data Zoo SLM stages are:
1. Classify and assign protective values

Based on the value of information that customers send through, we classify and assign protective markings to the information to handle and protect it from harm.

2. Assess the risks to information

The bitter truth of our digitally transformed world is increasing threat and vulnerability. A formal risk assessment procedure is followed at Data Zoo to analyse the vulnerabilities and threats and their impact on the organisation.

3. Fit-for-purpose information security measures

Our information security measures are designed based on the risks. At Data Zoo confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation of information is protected by way of encryption, secure data transmission, hashing and SFTP. Data Zoo is ISO 27001:2013 certified. The information security management system, including policies, procedures, and technical security measures, is put in place in line with the security standard and legal privacy requirements.

4.  Security measures validation

Data Zoo conducts quarterly internal audits and yearly external audits to assess the company’s ISMS, evaluating information security preparedness and seeking out areas of improvement.

5. Operation and maintenance

Information security risks evolve over time with changing business needs, technological advancements, and regulatory obligations. Data Zoo’s adaptive security strategy ensures that the company’s security measures are keeping pace with this change to remain relevant and effective.

6. Security measures review

We conduct regular reviews to ensure that our security measures remain up-to-date. The reviews enable Data Zoo to identify improvements needed in the process of usage and processing of data and understand the impact of any changes in the regulatory landscape.

7. Data destruction

When the information and supporting data is no longer required, it’s destroyed or disposed of securely.

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